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Maggie's Image

Maggie's ImageMaggie McGill, a psychotherapist living in Florida, visits her 30-something daughter, Allie, in California. She is looking forward to a couple of uneventful weeks of vacation with her daughter. Almost immediately upon deplaning, curious coincidences begin to occur. Observant Maggie notes the presence of several sinister dark-skinned, turbaned, Arab-looking men and wonders about it. Unexplained falling rocks threaten Maggie as she sits on a bench; the wife of a French tourist who was on the same plane as Maggie disappears.

Later, while in an art gallery a stranger warns Maggie to “stay out of things that do not concern you. Give us the picture. Forget the French couple. Go home. You have been warned.” Huh? Maggie and Allie have no idea what that means. Allie’s beautiful house overlooking the sea is broken into and trashed – obviously someone is looking for something.

Enter Harry Cavanagh of the CIA, who was also on Maggie’s plane. And the mystery intensifies! Then, Maggie and Allie are abducted, thrown into a dark room with another occupant named Mohammed Hadi El Kabir, a Sufi mystic (another dark-skinned man, but a “good guy”, this time). He guides them through their ordeal as he philosophically reassures them that they will be freed in Allah’s own time. All is resolved by the story’s end. Though this is a fast-paced light-hearted novel, the mystery at the heart of the story is serious as it deals with current themes in international news.

I liked the creative plot and the rounded-out characters of Maggie and Allie. Both are strong, sensible, independent, resourceful women. I especially enjoyed the author’s description of the close, supportive relationship between Maggie and Allie as they confront and try to deal with the frightening events swirling around them. Add into the mix a couple of handsome men and the stage is set for romance also. And what better background to these events than warm, sunny California, replete with sun, sand, ocean, and eucalyptus trees. If you've ever been to California, you will recognize the author’s description of the coastline from Monterey to Big Sur!

I highly recommend this delightful, first-of-a-series book.

Sandra Olshaski, Library of Clean Reads
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Maggie's Art

Maggie's ArtMaggie McGill paints for pleasure and relaxation after her hectic days as a psychotherapist. Then, suddenly, her art career takes off, thanks to her daughter, Allie, when Maggie has an exhibition of her primitive art paintings. A cold-blooded murder occurs at the vernissage and the two women are plunged into the mystery.

This is the second in a series of cozy mysteries in which Maggie and Allie, with the help of law-enforcement officers and Hadi, the mysterious Sufi Moslem, with his philosophical attitude, solve crimes. Apart from those three main characters, however, it is a completely new cast of players from those that we met in the first novel, Maggie’s Image.

At the heart of the novel, for me, is the warm, loving bond between mother and daughter. Both women are kind, generous, sympathetic and strong. Their mutual love and respect rang out so clearly. I was envious.

I enjoyed this well-written, fast-moving novel. Plus the mystery kept me turning the pages and best of all, it is a completely clean read; no need to worry about coming across f-bombs or the like.

I wholeheartedly recommend this novel to mystery buffs, and those who value strong, independent women.

Sandra Olshaski, Library of Clean Reads
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Maggie's Brujo

Maggie's BrujoHere is another Maggie McGill mystery to be enjoyed and savored. I reviewed two other books by Sharon Toner on this blog so readers may be familiar with her style of writing. It is always clean, always stylish, always interesting, and always exciting. The thread holding it firmly together is the mutual warm relationship between Maggie & Allie. This book is no exception.

Maggie and her daughter, Allie, are off to a vacation in Arizona at a dude ranch/B & B to reconnect with one of Allie’s friends. Before long, unusual things start to happen that cause the owners of the ranch to feel uneasy: a prize Arabian stallion at the ranch mysteriously sickens; Allie and Maggie get lost in the Arizona desert; illegal immigrants and two-legged coyotes cross their path and a mysterious Mexican man who “follows the angels” appears out of nowhere to help them. Esmeralda and Rosalita, his two travelling companions are a story unto themselves!

I liked the author’s description of the old hacienda dude ranch. She makes the reader want to be there to enjoy the warm hospitality of the owners, the Mexican staff and to delight in the regional food. These are comfortable people. I could imagine myself at their table. Her description of the prize horse is so similar to my brother’s Arabian filly, Farah, that I could picture him in my mind’s eye. I loved the description of the southern Arizona desert full of cacti, dust storms and mesquite.

As for the meaning of “brujo” in the title – that’s one of the little tidbits available to the reader.

I recommend this excellent mystery that also deals with relevant issues of our time.

Sandra Olshaski, Library of Clean Reads
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Maggie's Island

Maggie's IslandMaggie McGill, psychologist, artist and amateur sleuth is back in her home town of Costa Mira, Florida in this fourth of a series of Maggie McGill mysteries. While on a beach walk Maggie meets tall, handsome blue-eyed Brit Timothy. There is a mutual attraction and they meet for an enjoyable lunch. Days go by with no word from Timothy. When he gets beaten up, stranded on nearby Manatee Island and begs for Maggie’s help, she realizes a mystery is swirling around him. Who is he really?

In this book we are reconnected with several familiar characters from the previous books, including Pascal, Maggie’s charming, French, art gallery owner. As well, the reader is treated to more of the warm, loving relationship between Maggie and her photographer daughter, Allie. Both Maggie and Allie are intelligent, strong, resourceful women, but it will take all of their strength, courage and wit to survive as the danger around them intensifies.

I loved the descriptions of the beaches, the warm sub-tropical climate, the beautiful sunsets, the animals and birds of Florida. “Sandpipers and sanderlings scuttled at the water’s edge, playing tag with each foamy wave, daring the waves to touch their tiny feet. The waves continued the contest but never won. The birds reminded Maggie of old-fashioned ladies going about their household chores.” Sharon Burch Toner delights the reader with her elegant writing!

I highly recommend this delightful, clean, light-hearted mystery.

Sandra Olshaski, Library of Clean Reads
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