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THE AMULETS LEGACY was named “Runner-up: Best Indie Book of 2016” by Shelf Unbound, an award winning digital magazine.

The amulets, conceived and forged by love, lived mysterious lives for centuries. Blessed and charged to protect their wearers, their legacy persisted through the years.

The Amulets Legacy by award-winning author, Sharon Burch Toner, begins with a young orphaned Bedouin girl in the nineteenth century. It moves to the present day Middle East where mother and daughter, Maggie and Allie McGill, dare everything to rescue a pair of Syrian refugees who are pursued first by members of ISIS and then by the Turkish police. Fleeing from these two dangers, they make their way across Turkey to a Greek island. But will the danger continue to chase them, even to the British Isles?

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The Amulets Legacy, a Maggie McGill Mystery Series book
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