“MAGGIE AT SEA” – book excerpt

They wandered down first one street and then another eyes wide, eager to see all they could of this port. As they walked away from the port area, the grubby market streets gave way to pastel colored houses that were built wall to wall and touching the sidewalk. Occasionally a door opened to reveal a leafy interior courtyard. Although the streets themselves remained relatively unwashed, the sidewalks appeared to have been swept.

They chatted as they walked, randomly turning this way and that, wandering farther than either realized into a neighborhood that certainly was not touristy. Now the pastel colors were faded and seemed downright dirty. They wandered past occasional small corner stores, tiendas, with dark and mysterious interiors.

The hair on Allie’s neck began to prickle and she looked around anxiously, “Mom? This feels weird. Let’s go back.”

Maggie said, “Let’s. I don’t like this area a bit.”

But which way was back? They stood on the sidewalk, strewn with odd bits of paper and plastic and looked around. Maggie, whose interior compass nearly always worked, frowned, “I’m not sure, honey, but it could be that we’re lost.”

Allie shook her head, “Oh no. We can’t be. Did we come that way?” She turned and pointed down a street.

But the streets all were beginning to look alike. Maggie turned and pointed down another one, “Could it have been that one?” They turned in a circle, now thoroughly confused. With a shaky voice, Maggie said, “We should have left bread crumbs.”

Allie’s grin was not convincing, “Let’s ask someone.” It was then that they realized there was no one else on the street. They were alone. There was not even the corner tienda. Only empty streets and closed doors.

Allie straightened her spine and said, “Come on, Mom. You never get lost. Turn on your internal compass and let’s go.”

Maggie’s smile was wan, “It’s true that I seldom am lost, but occasionally the rest of the world gets a little mislaid.”

Maggie At Sea, a Maggie McGill Mystery Series book by Sharon Burch Toner
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